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TAN PHU THANH ADVERTISING & TRADING SERVICE CO.,LTD (TPT LIGHTING) is specializing company in consulting and providing electric equipment and all kind of lighting for industrial and civil projects national wide.

TAN PHU THANH CO.,LTD provide to Customers with high-value technical lighting product that is effective about technology, Art for project purpose. TAN PHU THANH CO.,LTD has never stop improving quality service to our Customers. Our objective is providing all customer needs by offering the most efficient and effective lighting solutions.

If you are looking for the lighting equipment provider, we will help you consult and provide the products fit your expectation. Our main products are electric lamps, electric cables, lighting accessories of Famous  national Company and international company as : Philip, Osram, ELV, CDN...

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Tân Phú Thành Our Services

Our Services


-       Restaurant lighting equipment (The Pizza, Grill&Chill, Sumo,…)

-       Hotel lighting equipmentn (Liberity City point)

-       Bar, Club lighting equipment (Vuvu Zala, EMVY, Vincom, Dairy Queen…)

-       Office lighting equipment (Group M – Bitexco, Compass – Bitexco,…)

-       Church, School, Vila, House, Coffee Shop lighting equipment ....

We hope our introduction about our activities, organization that will help Customers have the most comprehensive view and it is a background for your knowledge about our company. You will figure out our standpoint is "Served Customer" that is First important thing we're looking forward

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